Thursday, March 09, 2006

Green and Determined

One lazy afternoon at Kalui, a native-style restaurant in Puerto Princesa City, someone or other thought it would be a good idea to have an environmental magazine in Palawan. After all, the province is known as "the last frontier" of the Philippines, but there seemed to be a dearth of information about many of the problems concerning its natural and cultural heritage.

From those quiet musings, Bandillo ng Palawan magazine was born. Bandillo is a word in Cuyunon, one of the languages spoken in the province, that means "town crier." The founders envisioned the publication as a bridge between the communication tools of old and the modern methods available for spreading information. The name also reflected our wish to maintain a local identity, even as we expressed divergent views.

Fast forward to 2006, nearly thirteen years after we first published our magazine in July 1993. The magazine remains in hibernation, but we've maintained our weekly newspaper since January 1998. Now that we have entered this new era of texting and e-mail, we continue our journey into the Digital Age with this blog. In this little corner of cyberspace, we hope to reconnect with old readers, reach out to Palawe├▒os in all parts of the world, and create a broader audience for our small community newspaper.

Watch out for the latest political news, environment stories, and even your favorite chika from Palawan in the next few days from this site. Dayon camo!


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